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ASTA has set up a Certificate Program for graded development and periodic assessment of a violin, viola, cello, and string bass student's technique and musicianship. The program offers guidelines for a stepwise progression in the curriculum, and it provides examinations to assess and recognize the student's progress. The program sets the stage for higher standards of performance for the students. The Certificate Program has 10 levels.

The Certificate Program is opento all students, preschool through adult. Students may enter the program at any level and may skip levels if qualified.

The next examination is the first week of June 1999 at the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Catholic University, Harewood Road, N.E., Washington, D. C.. Submit applications by May 1, 1999 (postmarked).

For more information, contact: Lya Stern, President, MD/DC area. Chair, Certificate Program for Strings.Telephone: 301-320-2693 Fax: 301-320-2694


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Director, Nevilla E. Ottley, has been an active professional member of the American College of Musicians and therefore a member of the NGPT for many year. As of 1997, the Ottley Music School became the Adelphi Center, with Ms. Ottley as its chairperson. The NGPT offers its piano playing audition nationally each year. 100% of OMS auditionees have passed, some spectacularly according to the judges.

Judges are assigned from the headquarters (in Austin, Texas), and are given a detailed syllabus and report card to adjudicate each student. A pianist is judged on whatever level they have prepared, and are awarded according to the level and amount of memorized pieces presented in his/her program.

Students receive the report card immediately after their audition for their review with the parents and the teacher. In a separate public recital and ceremony, they are awarded their certificate and bronze, silver, or gold pins or plaque, making them members of the Student Fraternity for the coming year. Those who have passed the Nationals or Internationals (10+ or 15+ memorized pieces) for 5 consecutive years, will have their photo published in the Guild Magazine, with world wide distribution. Reduced samples of the Certificate and the Report Card from the NGPT are found in the appendix.

The 1999 audition for piano students will take place the second week of May at the Adelphi Center and at G. E. Peters Elementary School.